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Ghostface Killah performs with Wu-Tang Clan during Riot Fest a few years ago./Peter Holderness / Sun-Times 0

Wu-Tang Clan adopts Chicago

September 17th, 2017

Wu-Tang Clan will call up a few Chicago peace activists to the stage Saturday when it performs Saturday at Riot Fest.

It’s part of a larger project that has the legendary hip-hop group taking Chicago under its wing.

Specifically, Wu-Tang wants to work with the city to find an empty school building that could be used as an umbrella office for peace groups. And the band is re-activating its Wu-Tang foundation to raise money to support the project.

“Looking from afar, and now that we’ve been in Chicago, we see a need for a coalition,” said Wu-Tang manager Tareef Michael. “Everyone’s going after their own grants and funding. And that leads us to be divided when we should really be coming together to solve the problems.”

Check out my story in the Chicago Sun-Times about how Wu-Tang got interested in Chicago.


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