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John Hartmann appeared on "Undercover Boss" a few years ago. 0

True Value investing in Chicago’s West Side

March 14th, 2017

True Value is increasing its footprint across the country, adding and remodeling stores. In Chicago, though, its focus is on the Boys and Girls Club on the city’s troubled West Side.

True Value employees have committed 3,000 hours since 2015 in voluntarism and mentorship to the nonprofit. That follows a five-year, $1.5 million commitment to Boys and Girls Club.

“We’re concerned about the level of crime in our city but will continue to support law enforcement working tirelessly to keep us safe,” CEO John Hartmann told me recently. He has an interesting back story having worked for the FBI and once wearing a disguise on “Undercover Boss.”

Read more about how he’s transformed the Chicago-based company in my Taking Names column in the Chicago Sun-Times.


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