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Scott Turow reveals details about his next novel

October 23rd, 2016

Acclaimed author and Chicago attorney Scott Turow is being honored this week by the Chicago Public Library Foundation, but first he dished about his next book.

“Testimony” is the fictional story of a murder of 400 gypsies and the U.S. prosecutor assigned to investigate. American soldiers serving with NATO are the primary suspects.

It’s tension-fueled and “all fiction,” says Turow, who traveled to Bosnia and the Hague to research the novel–his 11th work of fiction. “There were never any atrocity allegations against the United States or NATO forces.”

The book’s characters are made up, too, he says, though the bad guy does bear “a striking resemblance” to Radovan Karadzic, the Bosnian-Serb political leader convicted of war crimes. And don’t read anything into the main character’s divorce, either. Turow went through his own, but so have a lot of middle-aged folks.

He’s since remarried to Adriane Glazier, a philanthropic adviser to Bank of America. Humorist Dave Barry helped officiate their wedding ceremony.

Turow talked about his new book, his work in criminal law and his take on crime in Chicago during an interview in his home on a tree-lined block in Evanston. A “Black Lives Matter” sign is posted in his front yard.

Turow blames the saturation of guns on the South and West sides in large part on “a gun industry that just wants to sell guns and doesn’t give a damn who dies.” He’s a fierce defender of cops, calls profiling “an extraordinary deprivation of basic rights for peace-abiding black citizens” and says there’s nothing wrong with a cop pulling a gun when they have to. “It’s pulling a trigger that’s a problem. My sympathies are deep on both sides.”

Turow grew up in Chicago’s West Rogers park neighborhood, where he performed in piano recitals at Indian Boundary Park.

He went on to practice law–first as a U.S. attorney and then at Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal, an international firm now called Dentons.

He also, famously, wrote “Presumed Innocent,” a blockbuster novel made into a movie starring Harrison Ford. It catapulted Turow into the worlds of glitz and literati, though he chose to focus on the work that got him there–practicing law.

It grounds him, as do his two grandchildren and Doug, his dog.

Turow will be honored Oct. 26 with the library foundation’s Carl Sandburg Literary Awards. Erik Larson, who wrote, “The Devil in the White City,” also will receive honors.

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