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Bulls' legend Charles Oakley spent time with teens from Orr high school./Sun-Times photo 0

Oakley pushed out of the Garden but embraced at Orr

March 7th, 2017

When pro players share their stories, kids listen. Bulls star Jimmy Butler shoot hoops with teens from Marshall High School the other day in an event organized by Kellogg’s. The point was to call attention to the importance of a morning meal.

“If I go out and say eat breakfast, they’re probably going to do it,” Butler told me. “That’s the job I have in this community. What I say is heard.”

The scene was less scripted a few days earlier when NBA star Charles Oakley met with students from Orr High School.

That meeting came about after Oakley’s friend, Chicago lobbyist John Kelly, read the Sun-Times series about Orr being at ground zero of violence in the city. It followed Oakley’s run in with security at Madison Square Garden.

Read about it in my Taking Names column in the Chicago Sun-Times.



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