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They met at Latin School and always stayed friends

September 20th, 2016

The children of notable Chicago entrepreneurs married in a grand ceremony at Villa d’Este in Lake Como, Italy.

Kelly Rosen, the daughter of retired business consultant and philanthropist Debbie Bricker and Dr. Merwin Rosen (retired oral surgeon), and Christophe Lagrange, the son of architect Lucien Lagrange and interior designer Jessica Lagrange, married Aug. 26.

The bride is founder of Kelly Rosen Design, a luxury residential interior design firm with clients in New York, Chicago and Palm Beach. Her husband is director of acquisitions at HFZ Capital Group in New York.

The couple, both age 30, met while attending the Latin School and were best of friends through college and as young adults. Each was a shoulder to cry on through the years during relationships with other people.

Then, two years ago, Rosen says she realized she had feelings for Lagrange. When she told him, she remembers Lagrange beaming. “He said when the thought of marrying came up, he always hoped it might be to me.”

After a long dinner talking about what they each wanted in a partner and life, they knew it was meant to be.

Their families celebrated in grand style over three days in Lake Como. Among Chicago attendees were Lucien Lagrange’s partner, Melinda Jakovich; businessman Lester Coney; nonprofit consultant Shawn Donnelley and her husband, Christopher Kelly; auctioneer Leslie Hindman; and philanthropists Dia and Ed Weil.

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