"The Founder" is getting a lot of buzz. Ex..." /> 'The Founder' takes an unflattering look at how McDonald's got its start

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McDonald’s keeps mum on unflattering Ray Kroc film

December 24th, 2016

“The Founder” is getting a lot of buzz. Except from McDonald’s.

The film tells the story–warts and all–of Ray Kroc, the Oak Park native who’s often referred to as the restaurant chain’s founder. Actor Michael Keaton stars.

Kroc is said to have weaseled power from the first burger joint’s true founders–brothers Mac and Dick McDonald (played by Joliet native Nick Offerman).

Kroc bought the restaurant for $2.7 million in 1961 and with a reported handshake promised to give the brothers a percentage of profits–only to renege on that.

The dramatization is set to be released Jan. 20.

It’s unauthorized by McDonald’s, which in real life is moving its headquarters from Oak Brook to Chicago. Company spokesman Robert Gibbs declined to comment about the film. Chairman Emeritus Andy McKenna didn’t return a phone call. And John Rogers Jr., the Ariel Investment founder and McDonald’s board member, acknowledged only that Kroc “left an extraordinary business.”

Maybe they’re taking cues from Facebook. The social-media company similarly kept mum about “The Social Network,” a film that took an unflattering view of Mark Zuckerberg. He also took credit for founding a company that others had a part in creating.


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