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Mayor’s fishing buddy pops up in emails

January 15th, 2017

Buried in all those emails released by Mayor Rahm Emanuel is the name of Sidney “Skip” Herman.

That little mention in a 2015 email doesn’t convey the big relationship Herman has with the mayor. They’re friends and fishing buddies.

Emanuel calls Herman “a close friend for years. It’s hard not to love a guy who loves Chicago as much as he does.”

The two met, says Herman, at a 2002 fund-raiser during Emanuel’s run for Congress. They’ve since vacationed together–often to Herman’s Montana home and with their families. The two men fly-fish for trout. It’s a sport fit for the mayor, says Herman.

Read more about how he and Emanuel came to be friends in my column in the Chicago Sun-Times (scroll a bit to the second item).

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