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Made in Taiwan at SummerFest

July 7th, 2016

Joseph Liang-Fu Sun doesn’t seem like a SummerFest kind of guy, but there he is at the “World’s Largest Music Festival” in Milwaukee through the weekend.

The mild-mannered Westmont resident is director of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office, which is sharing news that EVA Air will begin direct flights between Taipei and Chicago. Sun’s office, which is located in the city, also is tasked with showing off all things made in Taiwan.

Like saxophones so masterfully made that even former President Bill Clinton purchased one made in Taiwan, Sun says with a straight face and a smile.

I wondered if Sun actually uses the products he hocks.

Yes, he says. His favorites:

Dr. Si’s Wow Pot–a collapsible cooking pot made of silicone and a stainless steel base. “I was a member of the cooking club in college, so I really like it.”

He also likes the Slidybike, a bike that folds in about 10 seconds. It’s lightweight, durable and portable, he says. “Even women can carry it without much effort.”

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