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Lou Raizin is starting a new nonprofit in Chicago to promote a new kind of tourism. 0

Lou Raizin is seeing the light

June 29th, 2017

Lou Raizin, the president of Broadway in Chicago, which brought “Hamilton” to the city, is starting a not-for-profit organization that he hopes will boost tourism.

The organization will, among other projects, create nighttime light shows. Imagine colorful projections on big walls of Merchandise Mart.

The goal would be to create coveted Instagram moments, says Raizin, who back in 2014 worked on the Lighting Framework Plan that was supported by the mayor and Choose Chicago. Raizin sits on the board of Choose Chicago.

He’s hoping that a nonprofit organization, with private donations and support, can make the idea a reality.

“Not having direct ties to government allows the not-for-profit to be more nimble and get things done in ways and at a speed that government can’t,” Raizin said.

Find out more about the light show revolution in my Taking Names column in the Chicago Sun-Times.

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