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Daniel Biss is no candidate but he hits hard at Gov. Bruce Rauner. 0

State senator deflects questions from his mom, too

October 30th, 2016

State Senator Daniel Biss isn’t up for re-election this season so the Evanston Democrat has “the luxury,” he says, of putting all his efforts into educating voters.

His political action committee takes to task Gov. Bruce Rauner, the Republican Party and its presidential candidate, Donald Trump–portrayed in one TV ad by an actor with a blond wig.

The ads by Leading Illinois for Tomorrow (LIFT) are tough on Rauner, who has said he supports Trump for president but hasn’t commented much beyond that. They’re the kind of ads you might expect from a political candidate in the throes of an election.

So does Biss have designs on the state’s top job?

“I’m answering the same way when my mom asks. I don’t have any secret internal plan” to seek higher office, he says, reminding me that his work on a Super-PAC means he must steer clear of any political campaigning.

So what about down the road for the former math professor. “I just want to make a difference right now in the state,” he says. “And right now, the state is in trouble.”

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