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Hot property up for sale– is on the market

May 20th, 2017

Josh Metnick, who buys and sells Internet domain names the way a real estate broker handles land deals, has put on the market.

This could be an astronomical sale in domain names, according to his team. Consider this: sold for $90 million and Illinois gets far more tourists. So who knows?

Metnick has owned the domain name since 2005 but decided to sell now because he sees interest is peaking. China is buying up more domain names these days and there are a few gubernatorial candidates in Illinois who might find an attractive property.

Metnick has hired Chicago entrepreneur Lou Weisbach to oversee the sale–and comments about selling Weisbach is a Chicago entrepreneur and philanthropist who heads Merch Time LLC, a marketing services and promotional products start-up.

“I’ve known Josh for a long time. He’s brilliant in this space,” Weisbach tells me.

Check out their personal stories and more about the site in my Taking Names column in the Chicago Sun-Times.

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