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Hobson, Lucas are the force behind new track center

June 22nd, 2017

Chicago businesswoman Mellody Hobson was mentioned last week as a major donor to a new track and field facility coming to the South Side. Now comes word of the dollar figure.

Hobson, the president of Ariel Investments in Chicago, and her husband, billionaire filmmaker George Lucas, are donating $10 million to the Gatey Indoor Track & Field Facility. After School Matters, the nonprofit Hobson chairs, has promised to raise an additional $5 million for programming within the new center. It’s a testament to Hobson’s influence that a kids’ charity can make such a commitment.

The gift was announced as Hobson and Lucas mark their wedding anniversary. Though it’s only coincidence that their donation comes as they remember that day.

The couple captured the hearts of Hollywood and Chicago four years ago when they tied the knot at Lucas’s Skywalker Ranch in California. Today, they live in a high-rise home on Michigan Avenue with their young daughter. It’s not their only home.

Check out details about the home–and another anniversary–in my Taking Names column in the Chicago Sun-Times.

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