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Rappelling is like starting a business, says Goodcity. It's "unnerving." 0

Goodcity teams with Hyatt for its own rappelling adventure

March 23rd, 2017

Willis Tower isn’t the only one with dare-devil plans for rappelling down the side of its tower.

Goodcity Chicago hopes to attract entrepreneurs and business daredevils to rappel down the Hyatt Regency Chicago this summer as part of a fundraiser.

The nonprofit supports entrepreneurs working to solve social and economic issues in the city.

Goodcity President Jimmy Lee says in a press release announcing the fundraiser that rappelling down a building is much like starting a nonprofit or a business. They’re both “exciting” and “unnerving.”

“By having the proper tools and resources, whether it be a sturdy harness or rope for actual rappelling or a network of mentors or financial support for a burgeoning nonprofit startup, both can be done successfully,” Lee says.

Goodcity expects to have 120 rappellers over the July 21-23 weekend participating. . They will take an elevator up to the 35th floor of the hotel, walk to the rooftop and then rappel down with their backs to the river on Wacker Drive. Goodcity is calling it the “Over the Edge” fundraiser. You can sign up here.

News of the rappelling fundraiser comes on the heels of Willis Tower owners considering a plan to allow visitors to rappel down the side of the building–from the 103rd to 102nd floor.

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