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Ron Gidwitz pauses before heading into the Daley Center courtroom./Photo by Shia Kapos 2

Ron Gidwitz and the case about his legal fees

May 4th, 2017

Chicago businessman and political fundraiser Ron Gidwitz has been in court all week for a contentious legal battle against the law firm that once represented him.

Nixon Peabody, a New York-based law firm that a few years ago acquired Ungaretti & Harris, is suing Gidwitz for $6.4 million in legal fees. The firm says he racked up the bill during a high-profile legal battle with the city of Joliet over the controversial Evergreen Terrace low-income housing development owned by his family.

Gidwitz has been on the stand and has stayed in court to listen to the now week-long case. It’s interesting for all the notable names that have popped up and for the glimpse at how law firms bill clients. It’s a lot.

Check out all the details in my Taking Names column in the Sun-Times.


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2 Responses to Ron Gidwitz and the case about his legal fees

  1. DHB says:

    Very Interesting, Shia, many thanks to you for your wonderfully informative website!

    I would love to read your columns even more if they contained more details on the parties concerned…A Writer such as yourself is only as interesting as the depth of detail she provides for her reader’s and fans!

    Have you written about Joliet’s Evergreen
    Terrace development’s history before? Could be an interesting story…..



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