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Getting sentimental about what Chicago lost in the Lucas museum

August 30th, 2016

Don Bacigalupi, the founding president of the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art, sat down with the San Francisco Chronicle to show off what will be in the museum now proposed for the Bay Area.

It’s the first time a journalist has seen the extent of what George Lucas’s collection will be–and wow, is it impressive.

The Chronicle says what Bacigalupi revealed is the “core of a great museum.” Click here to see the images within the story.

Lucas, who makes his home in Chicago with his wife, Ariel Investments President Mellody Hobson, has been trying since 2010 to build this museum and he has been somewhat vague about all it will include.

That’s prompted people over the years to call it the “Star Wars museum,” a reference to the movies that helped make him a billionaire.

San Francisco first turned its nose at the idea of a museum and then there was the Chicago debacle.

Now, it seems, Lucas hopes that by showing what he means by “narrative art,” he’ll be able to secure a deal to build a museum. Along with a proposed site on Treasure Island in San Francisco, there’s a chance Los Angeles could get the museum, too.

“Narrative art is, simply stated, visual art that tells a story,” Bacigalupi told the Chronicle. “It manifests itself in every kind of medium, in every culture, in every form that you can imagine.”

Scroll through the story to get a glimpse of what he’s talking about and try not to get too sentimental about what Chicago lost.


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