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Sandra Delgado, who performs for the Goodman Theatre, is a force in Peacebook. 0

For actress Sandra Delgado, peace is the real star

August 24th, 2016

Chicago actress Sandra Delgado is a notable name behind Peacebook, a summer festival that’s popped up around the city over the past few weeks.

It wraps up tomorrow and Saturday at Clarendon Park in Uptown.

The festival is a combination  of music and theater fest and community fair. There’s even a communal meal at 6 p.m. The event has already been held at Hamilton Park in Englewood and La Follette Park in Austin.

Along with good vibes the festival offers panelists talking about the peace movement. They’ll be voices from Chicago Coalition for the Homeless, First Defense Legal Aid, Showing Up For Racial Justice and Chicago Freedom School.

“We live in a tumultuous world and Chicago is a city I love that’s broken, so anything I can do to cultivate understanding, that’s where I’m at,” says Delgado, who’s a familiar face on stages at the Goodman Theatre and on the “Empire” and “Exorcist,” both on FOX.

She helped organize the event that features seven-minute plays.

Delgado grew up in Chicago singing and dancing in a Colombian dance troupe—her parents emigrated from Colombia.

She gravitated to performing in musicals in high school, but planned to study medicine when she entered University of Illinois’ Chicago campus. She found it wasn’t a good fit and returned to the performing arts scene after meeting Anthony Moseley, a fledgling performing artist.

They clicked and would both join Collaboraction Theatre Company, founded by Kimberly Senior. Moseley has since become artistic director and helped transform the small artistic company into a vibrant community organization.

Delgado returned to the stage in full force, performing with Steppenwolf and Victory Gardens theaters and, later, the Goodman.

This summer she’s been performing in the short dramatic plays in the Peacebook festival, which is the brainchild of Moseley. It’s been championed by Samantha Rio, a managing director at the Chicago Park District.

For Delgado, the peace fest is an “extension” of her work.

“It’s all connected,” she says. “As an artist, I hope people find understanding and compassion with each other.”

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