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What would Yoda say? Hobson criticizes activists fighting Lucas Museum

May 3rd, 2016

Mellody Hobson, the Chicago businesswoman married to film mogul George Lucas, has played a behind-the-scenes role in her husband’s plans to bring the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art to Chicago. But her comments today showed she had a personal  commitment to the project.

Hobson visited with political and civic leaders in the early stages of planning the museum, she helped interview its CEO and she stood on stage when the Jeanne Gang design was revealed.

Hobson, the president of Ariel Investments, always declined to comment when reporters asked about Friends of the Parks’ opposition to building the museum near Soldier Field.

That changed this week.

In a statement to the Chicago Sun-Times., Hobson said, “We are now seriously pursuing locations outside of Chicago. If the museum is forced to leave, it will be because of the Friends of the Parks and that is no victory for anyone. . . . As an African American who has spent my entire life in this city I love, it saddens me that young black and brown children will be denied the chance to benefit from what this museum will offer. . . . In refusing to accept the extraordinary public benefits of the museum, the Friends of the Parks has proven itself to be no friend of Chicago.”

It’s clear the museum wasn’t just her husband’s folly. This is something Hobson wants deeply for Chicago. Maybe too deeply.

What did Yoda say in “Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith”? “Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose.”

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