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Ex-CBOT Chairman Patrick Arbor arrested at grandson’s graduation

May 21st, 2018


Patrick Arbor, the former chairman of the CBOT who’s been fighting an order to pay up on his divorce, was arrested at Logan Airport in Boston on Thursday while attempting to make a flight to return to Rome.

The retired Chicago businessman had been arrested earlier in the week while attending his grandson’s graduation at Boston College but was released because of confusion about wording on extradition papers.

Arbor has been on the lam nearly five years for failing to pay his ex-wife the $18 million he owes as part of their divorce.

On Monday, Massachusetts State Police had arrested Arbor while he was in the stadium for the commencement ceremony. Cook County Sheriff’s office were responsible for transporting him back to Chicago but the Sheriff’s office wasn’t prepared to do that, saying extraditions are usually meant for criminal cases, not civil.

So Arbor was let go. That caused plenty of angst for Larry Byrne, the attorney for Arbor’s ex-wife, Antoinette Vigilante. Byrne reworked the extradition papers that Cook County Judge Myron Mackoff signed off on and then law enforcement caught up with Arbor before he could leave the country.


I’ve been writing about Arbor since 2013. While combing through divorce papers, I found he acknowledged not paying income taxes for 30 years on assets he had outside the United States.

Arbor finally paid that debt but left town before having to cough up the first $300,000 he owed his ex as part of the divorce.

He’s been a mystery man ever since–moving assets out of the country, reportedly becoming an Italian citizen and spending winters in Mexico.

Arbor even, brazenly, traveled to Illinois back in 2014.

Sources told me they saw Arbor wandering about town during a 45-day stay in Chicago.

His friendships in the city run deep. Arbor’s been a donor to numerous political campaigns and to charities. A favorite is the Mercy Home. Arbor lived and worked there while he attended Loyola University and went on to serve as a board member and major donor.

It’s no surprise Arbor showed up at the BC commencement this week. He’s a proud grandfather and a donor.

Arbor will have more than an $18 million divorce settlement to deal with now that he’s being brought back to Chicago. The interest on the money owed to his ex has been accruing at about $4,500 a day.

This story has been updated to clarify Arbor’s relationship to BC. He’s not an alum.

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