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Chicago’s own Robin Hood makes a pledge

April 27th, 2017

Ken Griffin, the wealthiest resident and philanthropist in Illinois, is giving $15 million to the Robin Hood Foundation in New York.

Griffin is making the donation as a lead-up to the organization’s May 15 annual fundraiser, according to his spokeswoman. Robin Hood is an organization that fights poverty and has the support of the most elite members of Wall Street.

Griffin’s pledge is a challenge gift in an effort to rally more support. It’s the second time he’s made a challenge grant to the organization. The first one was in 1994 for $1 million.

Griffin is founder of Citadel hedge fund company in Chicago, and he’s listed on Forbes’ billionaire list with a net worth of $8 billion, making him the wealthiest resident in Illinois.

In Chicago, he’s known as a Robin Hood of sorts, as he’s a major donor to arts and philanthropic organizations. He recently pledged $12 million to repair Chicago’s lakefront trail and gave $5 million for programming at the Field Museum.



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One Response to Chicago’s own Robin Hood makes a pledge

  1. Gary Beckman says:

    Ken Griffin,

    Thank you so much for contributing so generously to Robin Hood and the lakefront as well as Fourth Presbyterian Church and the many other charities you rewarded with your success in business.

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