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Conor Gee is named president of Rotary One. 0

How youngest Rotary president came to join the club

July 20th, 2017

Conor Gee, a 32-year-old Chicago marketing executive, has been installed as president of Rotary Club of Chicago, also known as Rotary One because it’s the first club established by the 113-year-old Rotary International.

Gee is Rotary’s youngest ever president, which wasn’t lost on the group gathered at the Union League Club to celebrate his appointment.

In his speech, Gee, explained how he came to join the gray-haired club eight years ago–when he was in his 20s.

“After college, one of my first jobs was to do marketing for a hearing-aid company. My boss at  the said ‘You need to go to Rotary. There are a bunch of old people there and it could be great for our business.’ So here I am. And to members of the club, thank you for your business!”

The line grew a burst of laughter and applause, including from Gee’s wife, Becky, whom Gee introduced as FLORO–first lady of Rotary One.


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