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Ken Griffin has an estimated $8.5 billion net worth. 0

Griffin tops latest list of Chicago billionaires

October 17th, 2017

Citadel CEO Ken Griffin remains the wealthiest Illinois resident, according to the latest Forbes magazine listing.

He ranks 52nd among the 400 wealthiest Americans with a net worth of $8.5 billion.

If you’re a regular Taking Names reader, you’ll be well-familiar with the names on this list.

Lots of Pritzkers, a Zell and Bluhm, of course.

New to the list is Rishi Shah, the co-founder of Outcome Health, a tech start-up that runs medical and pharmaceutical ads on TV screens in doctors’ offices.


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Following is a list of the Illinois billionaires with their ranking and net worth.

A few things to note: There are more billionaires in Illinois who didn’t make it to this top 400 list. Among them is philanthropist Jennifer Pritzker. I’ve also made note of a few notable names with Chicago connections who now spend their time out-of-state. I mean you, Oprah.

No. 52 Ken Griffin, $8.5B

No. 72 Shahid Khan, $7.1B (homes in IL and FLA)

No. 115 Sam Zell, $5.1B

No. 118 George Lucas, $5B (homes in IL and CA)

No. 167 Chris Reyes (167), $4.1B (homes in IL and FLA)

No. 167 Jude Reyes (167), $4.1B (homes in IL and FLA)

No. 200 Tom Pritzker, $3.7B

No. 206 Rishi Shah, $3.6B

No. 219 J.B. Pritzker, $3.4B

No. 226 Neil Bluhm, $3.3B

No. 264 Oprah Winfrey, $3B (lives in CA)

No. 278 Joe Grendys, $2.9B

No. 288 Bill Wrigley, $2.8B (lives in FLA)

No. 302 Gigi Pritzker, $2.7B

No. 302 Pat Ryan, $2.7B

No. 302 Ty Warner, $2.7B

No. 315 Penny Pritzker, $2.6B

No. 324 Mark Walter, $2.5B

No. 350 Joe Mansueto, $2.3B

No. 359 Eric Lefkofsky, $2.2B

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