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Santa is featured in a Meijer ad developed by a Chicago ad agency. 0

Chicago ad firm is behind the Meijer Santa ad

December 13th, 2016

Have you seen that holiday commercial for Meijer?

It features a man of a certain girth with a big white beard going about his day–buying a coffee, waiting for the bus and grocery shopping. Children recognize him for who he is, and parents respond, “Sweetie, that’s not Santa.”

The commercial was created by The Distillery Project, a small Chicago ad firm.

“It’s a reminder of how we were able to see things when we were little and how cool and great that was. Maybe we could use a healthy dose of that today,” says John Condon, the company founder. He wrote the piece. Art direction is by co-founder Creative Director Per Jacobson. They’re both formerly of Leo Burnett.

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