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Chance the Rapper talks about parenthood, finances & tattoos

April 20th, 2018

Chance the Rapper, who celebrates his 25th birthday this week, credits his daughter with keeping him grounded.

“It doesn’t’ really matter how much money I make or whether I’m recognized on the street. I still have to pick up my daughter from school,” the Chicago music producer and rap star told a crowd gathered Thursday night to benefit Magnetar Academy. “She’s up at like 5 a.m. and is on (the go) to 8 a.m., so I don’t want to miss that window. If I’m out too late or working too hard, I’ll miss it.”

The lengthy Q&A was conducted by Alec Litowitz, the CEO of Magnetar Capital, which funds the financial education program used in numerous Chicago Public Schools. If Litowitz has his way, he told me, the Magnetar Academy financial program will be taught in schools nationwide.

So no surprise he and Chance talked about finances.

The rapper said his mom’s business acumen rubbed off. She and Chance’s dad owned a shop “on black beauty row” in Hyde Park when they were in their 20s, “She was anti-contracts,” Chance said of his mom. Maybe it was because she didn’t understand all the legalese or was afraid of it, he added. “But it made me interested.”

He studied the process and would eventually become a pioneer in the music industry, earning a Grammy without ever signing with a record label.

Litowitz noted that Chance’s parents still seem to play a role in his life  “Oh yeah. I’m 25. My parents are raising my daughter. I’m still a kid in a lot of ways,” he said, adding, “I can talk to my parents about anything. Literally, anything.”

And without skipping a beat, he added, “They’re quick to give advice.”

The crowd burst into laughter.

Do they weigh in on music, too? asked Litowitz.

Chance said he lets his parents hear (most) songs a few weeks before they’re released. Inevitably, he said, “They’ll ask ‘Why didn’t you let me hear that one song?’ And I say, ‘because it’s so foul.'” They don’t hear it until it’s out and too late to stop. More laughter, of course.

The event was held at the recently (and finally) renovated Theater on the Lake, and drew hundreds of financial movers and shakers as well as students and teachers involved in Magnetar Academy (shout out to Russ Kerr, who teaches at Jones College Prep–Chance the Rapper’s alma mater).

In another funny moment, Litowitz noted that Chance has a tattoo on his chest–written backwards so when standing in a mirror it reads “Get back to work.”

“Yep,” Chance said (seeming embarrassed). “I was 19!”


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  2. Nora says:

    Proud of Russ Kerr and all he does for his students at Jones!

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