Cards Against Humanity are taking on Chicago parlor game-maker Cards Against Humanity creates pro-Clinton PAC

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Cards Against Humanity PACs a punch at Trump

October 2nd, 2016

Creators of Cards Against Humanity are taking on Donald Trump.

They’re selling packs of cards featuring Democrat Hillary Clinton and the GOP presidential candidate that can be played with the popular parlor game. Sales of the $4 packs–whether Trump or Clinton–will all be donated to Clinton’s presidential campaign. That’s the joke, says co-creator Max Temkin. “No matter which card you buy, Hillary’s the winner.”

The cards are just the start of the Chicago-based game company’s election antics. Cards Against Humanity has created a political action committee to help elect Clinton. It plans a media blitz poking Trump every week leading up to Election Day.

The most recent is a billboard near O’Hare International Airport. It reads: “If Trump is so rich how come he didn’t buy this billboard? Paid for by the Nuisance Committee and not authorized by any candidate or candidate committee.”

The Nuisance Committee, as the PAC is called, is a nod to Temkin’s late grandfather, who was imprisoned in Germany after being shot down by Nazis. He and fellow prisoners of war started their “Nuisance Committee” to infuriate their captors.

Temkin’s PAC plans more billboards, advertising–maybe even on a blimp–and programming at universities around the country.

Cards Against Humanity is a hit with the millennial crowd. It’s similar to Apples to Apples but funnier, irreverent and sarcastic. It doesn’t shy away from making fun of notable names (even Oprah Winfrey, the gall!). So Trump is a natural victim for the game’s creators.

“At the heart of every joke, there’s something honest,” says Temkin, the 29-year-old Highland Park native who volunteered for President Barack Obama’s 2004 U.S. Senate race and worked for his 2008 presidential campaign. “We feel a responsibility to do whatever we can to make people aware of the darkness that Donald Trump represents and to support Hillary Clinton, who we really like.”

And what about Trump’s penchant for seeking legal action? Temkin says bring it. “Suing us could bring about a national conversation about whether he pays his taxes.”


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