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Bow Truss Coffee shops in Chicago closed at least temporarily Thursday. 0

Unpaid Bow Truss workers walk out as owner tries to fix problems

January 12th, 2017

Bow Truss Coffee Roasters in Chicago closed down Thursday as owner Phil Tradros worked to rectify labor issues.

Employees have walked out but no one’s quit or resigned, Tadros says.

As reported first in Taking Names, Tadros was in negotiations to take on a major stakeholder in Chicago businessman and TV personality Marcus Lemonis. That changed when Lemonis says he found  financial mismanagement during the due-diligence process.

Landlords haven’t all been paid, Tadros is behind two months in paying insurance premiums and, most concerning to Lemonis, employee paychecks have bounced.

“Why would anyone treat people this way?” Lemonis said today.

Tadros calls it an issue of “timing,” saying he wasn’t able to make payroll in part because the deal with Lemonis wasn’t being finalized. He said he’s working to rectify the problems with payroll and insurance “to make things right for employees.”

Lemonis is CEO of Camping World, based in Lincolnshire, and hosts CNBC’s “The Profit,” where he advises small businesses on how to find success.

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