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Artem Anisimov maneuvers around political questions, too. 0

Blackhawks’ player dodges politics like it’s a puck

August 1st, 2017

Blackhawks player Artem Anisimov, a native of Russia, tried keeping his opinions quiet the other day when asked about claims of collusion between Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and Russia.

“First time to hear about it,” Anisimov said. “I don’t read newspapers. I probably disappoint you.”

The line drew big laughs from reporters gathered around him during a Q&A at the Blackhawks Convention.

“Really?” I asked.

Then Anisimov, who’s been playing in the United States almost 10 years, let loose.

“People in the U.S. blame another country and everybody believes it. They say Russia did it. But there’s no evidence,” said Anisimov.

Get more details of our exchange in my Taking Names column in the Chicago Sun-Times.



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