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Bill Rancic won't talk politics but he's happy to talk about his book. 0

Bill Rancic won’t say whether he’s voting for Trump

October 30th, 2016

Chicago businessman Bill Rancic, “The Apprentice” winner who went on to work for Donald Trump, has been noticeably absent from the presidential campaign. Does that mean he’s voting for Hillary Clinton?

Rancic won’t say.

Back in January, he said this about Trump: “I think he’d be a great president, certainly. I got to watch him from the inside and I was able to see how he works and how he does deals and how he was able to negotiate in difficult times.”

Rancic hasn’t said a peep since. No response to Trump’s comments about immigrants, minorities, the parents of a war hero or  vulgar language heard on video.

Rancic’s spokeswoman, one of his sisters, has either ignored or turned down requests for comment.

Is Rancic worried about backlash from Trump, who he’s credited for his success, or how he’s viewed in business?

After working two years for Trump, Rancic has worked in real estate, appeared on realty TV shows with his wife, Giuliana Rancic, opened restaurants and pitched for Rogaine. Most recently, he’s written a novel called “First Light.” He’ll be talking about that this week in Naperville and Nov. 14 at Books-a-Million in the Loop.



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