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A ‘Cirque du Trump’ viewing party

July 19th, 2016

Some of Chicago’s most noted left-leaning political junkies and consultants have organized a private gathering to watch Donald Trump take the stage Thursday at the Republican National Convention.

Becky Carroll, who’s co-hosting a downtown gathering of Democratic insiders, equates the GOP gathering to “a circus.” And invitations play off that view with the heading “Cirque du Trump” and a caricature of the New York billionaire in a baseball hat (of course) juggling an elephant while balancing on a unicycle.

It’s all fun but the convention is serious business for Carroll and other party organizers.

Becky CarrollShe was national director of Women for Obama in 2008 and now is  president/CEO of C-Strategies. Carroll’s co-hosting the Trump-watch party with Dave Lundy, also a left-leaning political consultant and strategist. He counts J.B. Pritzker, a supporter of Democrat Hillary Clinton, as a client. “It will be fun to be with like minded people–including some Republicans,” says Lundy who will attend the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia later this month.

Others on the private party list expected to attend include Jason Erkes, former president of Chicago Sport and Social Club and a long-time behind-the-scenes player in Democratic politics; Jeremy Bird of 270 Strategies and an alum of campaigns that helped elect President Barack Obama; Michael Ruemmler, who managed Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s mayoral re-election; and Anne Szkatulski, a former legislative aide to state Attorney General Lisa Madigan.

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