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Next restaurant co-founder Nick Kokonas responds to a Yelp review. 0

A brouhaha over Next restaurant’s reservation rule

January 15th, 2017

Social media lit up the other day when a complaint was lodged against Next, the fine-dining restaurant that requires advance payment for prix fixe dining.

MarkB forgot to show up and when Next declined to refund his $1,200, he whined on the Yelp review site. He claimed he missed the meal because “there was no confirmation notice, and they kept the whole payment including the wine pairing payment–even though they were out no wine.” He gave a one-star rating and called the restaurant “assbags.”

Next co-owner Nick Kokonas responded in an email that he also posted on Facebook. He said Next sent two reminders about the reservation. “This is no different than if you had purchased tickets to the opera, Cubs game, or Steppenwolf theater. If you forgot you had the tickets and didn’t attend I doubt you’d blame the Cubs or ask for a refund. Nor would one be forthcoming.”

MarkB is described as a banker with an MBA, so you’d think he’d get that.

Nearly a hundred folks responded to Kokonas’ Facebook post, including real-estate developer Andrea Granias, who wrote: “They need to allow restaurants to review customers.”

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